Take you quickly to understand the bag customization process and process

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With the changes in the market, luggage customization has become more and more popular among corporate customers. OEM production is increasingly recognized by customers. A large number of customers are custom-made with OEMs who have already selected them. Then as a luggage custom enterprise, you may not understand the whole process and process of luggage customization. Today, the small package manufacturer will let you quickly understand the luggage customization and production process.

First of all, it is very important to find a professional luggage manufacturer. It is very important to communicate with the luggage manufacturer's docking personnel. It is important to describe your customization requirements and ensure that the manufacturer has no misunderstanding. The customized style, the number of bags and the price, and the price budget. Scope, use scene or actual use, if you have a sample of the amount to be customized in your hand, then you should provide it, the manufacturer can customize the production according to the sample.

After expounding your needs, you must listen to how the manufacturer can give you advice. If you want to customize the style is not the same as the rigid requirements, you can also let the manufacturer recommend a style reference for you. After all, the manufacturer's process and cost are still in progress. If the manufacturer can recommend the right style in one step, it will save you from creating it out of thin air.

After the final demand communication is determined, the luggage manufacturer can arrange the sample to be sampled. Of course, there will be a proofing fee, which can be recognized by both parties. Going through this step is the test of the manufacturer's custom implementation capabilities!

If the sampled sample is satisfactory, the order can be produced. If the proofing does not reach the satisfactory manufacturer, it will be a little troublesome. The sample backpack needs to be rebuilt and will be modified according to the changes. The customer only has to wait a while to get the next sample.

Signing a custom contract for the contract, it is the beginning of the customization in the custom of the luggage, before the cold dishes. Only by this step, the manufacturer of the luggage will arrange the production of the production process sheet, the bulk material preparation, the printing knife template, the cutting, the various sewing, various equipment processing, and finally the package, but also the packaging. Production process and workflow.


After all the processes are completed, there is a final and critical step to check the large goods. Ensure that there are no quality issues and arrange for large shipments to be shipped to the business or customer.