Trolley case to buy a hard box or a soft box

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This question is believed that many friends have encountered it when purchasing the trolley case. They are also more entangled in whether they buy a hard case or a soft case. For this problem, love free bags will give you a brief introduction from different aspects. Introduce some features of hard and soft boxes, I hope to bring you help, let's take a look.

The hard box is made of PC, ABS, PVC, aluminum-magnesium alloy, etc. The hard case made of these materials is more compact, more resistant to pressure and waterproof, and can protect the contents of the box from being squeezed. It is also very convenient to clean. Moreover, there are many choices of hard box appearance patterns, colors, shapes, etc., so it is favored by consumers in the market. However, there are also many shortcomings in the hard case. Generally speaking, the weight of the hard case is generally heavier than that of the soft case, and the space is not flexible. It is relatively fixed and cannot put too much baggage. Moreover, the hard case is easier to scratch, especially in the case of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is super easy to scratch, and thus affects the appearance.

Trolley case to buy a hard box or a soft box

Soft box manufacturing materials are generally canvas, oxford, artificial PU leather, leather, nylon and other materials, the soft box overall box is relatively light, the internal space is relatively flexible, can hold more luggage, but due to the overall soft Therefore, it is not good for the internal items. Because of the cloth characteristics, the appearance of the soft box is less than that of the hard box. Moreover, the cloth material is not resistant to dirt, and there is no hard box for cleaning. However, the soft box's resistance to falling and wear is much higher than that of the hard case. Even if it is the rough handling of the airport, the soft box is relatively worthy of the test.